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Demelza Jones

Hello! My name is Demelza and I have been in the coffee scene in Australia for around 8 years. I have worked hard, up-skilled and achieved some amazing milestones in my career – all the while educating myself and others where I can.

Though I have learned a lot and made my fair share of mistakes and amazing friendships, I lacked the presence of a guide or mentor to encourage and educate me in this space. I really wish I had the tools to navigate certain situations in my career – especially how to stand up for myself in difficult situations.

As my career in specialty coffee progresses I continue to notice a distinct lack of support and conversation around women and other minorities in coffee and the unique challenges we face in an openly cis white male dominated industry.

I have decided to start an organisation to help others by providing a forum to demonstrate the education, encouragement and support that I wish I had over the last 8 years of my career. I want you to use these tools to break into coffee roles that are beyond entry level, show the industry what you’ve got and make a name for yourself. You got this.


Right-hand Woman

Shirin Demirdag

I am fairly new to coffee. In May of 2016 I stepped behind a coffee machine for the first time and haven’t been able to get away from them since. I am currently employed as a full-time Barista working at a busy cafe on a university campus where we average 1200 coffees each day. The sheer volume of what we produce is partly responsible for the growth I have experienced in coffee over the past 2 years - being surrounded by incredibly passionate and knowledgeable people makes up the rest.

It was Demelza who brought me into the coffee world, her enthusiasm infecting anyone she came into contact with and inspiring countless young Baristas to consistently better themselves and to see the work as a labour of love for the bean and the experience of every cup. My involvement with SAME CUP is the direct result of the kind of love of coffee inspired by people like her.

My background is in sociology, so when the opportunity presented itself to combine my two passions - coffee and politics - I leapt at the chance. Being part of this community, amongst people whose identities cut across all manner of difference, yet overlap in their willingness to become involved and support each other, is something that inspires confidence in me to pursue challenging the current imbalances in our industry. I am thrilled to have been involved with SAME CUP from the beginning, and I am eager to meet all those who will be involved in the future!

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